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What kinds of analysis can be undertaken using various bioinformatics tools?

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Processing raw information: The experimentally determined sequence (raw information) is processed using bioinformatics tools into genes, the proteins encoded and their function, the regulatory sequences, and inferring phylogenetic relationships. 

Genes: Gene prediction can be done by using computer programs like GeneMark for bacterial genomes and GENSCAN for eukaryotes. 

Proteins: Protein sequences can be inferred from the predicted genes by using simple computer programs. 

Regulatory sequences: Regulatory sequences can also be identified and analysed by using bioinformatics tools.

Inferring phylogenetic relationships: Information regarding the relationships between organisms can be obtained by aligning multiple sequences, calculating evolutionary distance and constructing phylogenetic trees. 

Making a Discovery: Using the bioinformatics tools and databases, the functions of unknown genes can be predicted.

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