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Explain any five protein based products.

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(i) Blood products and vaccines e.g. Factor IX for treating hemophilia.

(ii) Therapeutic antibodies and enzymes e.g. Monoclonal antibodies OKT3 for preventing graftness.

(iii) Therapeutic hormones and growth factors e.g. Insulin to treat diabetes.

(iv) Regulatory factors Interferons for antiviral properties.

(v) Analytical applications e.g. Horse radish peroxidase for ELISA.

(vi) Industrial enzymes e.g. Papain for meat tenderization.

(vii) Fuctional non catalytic proteins e.g. Kappa casein for milk protein stabilization.

(viii) Nutraceutical proteins eg. Infant food formulation to provide adequate nutrition for infant.

These products are of commercial value to the Biotechnology industry.

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