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Compare two points of differences between tube feeding and intravenous feeding. And also give three each objectives of diet therapy and role of clinical nutritionist.

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1.Nutritionally complete feeds are delivered through tubes1.Through a drip in a vein special solutions are given to support body functions.
2. It is given in cases when the patient’s gastrointestinal tract is functioning well2.It is given when patient’s gastro intestinal tract is not functioning properly

Objectives of diet therapy are- 

(i) formulation of the diet to meet the needs of the patient taking into consideration her or his food habits 

(ii) modification of the existing diets to ameliorate the disease condition and to keep it under control 

(iii) correction of nutritional deficiencies 

(iv) prevention of short-term and long-term complications in case of chronic diseases  

Role of clinical nutritionist are-

1.Provide advice and translate technical information into dietary guidelines 

2.Plan diets appropriately to meet the nutritional requirements at various stages of the life cycle 

3.Promote health and well-being of patients admitted to hospital or in outpatient clinics(OPD) as well as in institutional settings. 

4.Manage food services in a variety of institutional settings such as old age homes, schools, orphanages etc. 

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