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Your sister wants to go in for a career of fashion designer. Explain her the five stages of fashion cycle.

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Five stages of fashion cycle are-

  1. Introduction of a style: New styles are offered by the designers to the public. Designs are created by changing the elements such as line, colour, shape, fabric and other details. 
  2. Increase in popularity: New fashion may begin to rise in popularity as it is purchased, worn and seen by many people.
  3. Peak of popularity: When a fashion is at the height of its popularity, it may be in such demands that many manufacturers copy it or produce adaptations of it at different price levels.
  4. Decline in popularity: Eventually so many copies are mass produced that fashion-conscious people tire of the style and begin to look for something new. 
  5. Rejection of a style or Obsolescence: In the last phase of the fashion cycle, some consumers have already turned to new looks, thus beginning a new cycle.

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