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Read the given passage and answer the questions that follow the passage. 

Rabindranath Tagore on the evils of exclusive nationalism …where the spirit of the Western nationalism prevails, the whole people is being taught from boyhood to foster hatreds and ambitions by all kinds of means -- by the manufacture of half-truths and untruths in history, by persistent misrepresentation of other races and the culture of unfavourable sentiments towards them…Never think for a moment that the hurt you inflict upon other races will not infect you,or that the enemities you sow around your homes will be a wall of protection to you for all time to come? To imbue the minds of a whole people with an abnormal vanity of its own superiority, to teach it to take pride in its moral callousness and ill-begotten wealth, to perpetuate humiliation of defeated nations by exhibiting trophies won from war, and using these schools in order to breed in children’s minds contempt for others, is imitating the West where she has a festering sore…

i) A state-nation allows for which of the following- 

a) Inclusion and democracy 

b) Assimilation 

c) Integration 

d) Exclusion

ii) To be effective, the ideas of inclusive nationalism had to be built into_______________ 

a) Constitution 

b) Authoritarianism 

c) Communalism 

d) Social media

iii) In light of exclusive nationalism, which of the following ideas influenced Indian nationalists? 

a) Monarchy 

b) Humanism 

c) Individualism 

d) exclusion

iv) According to Tagore, exclusive nationalism created a sense of _______________for one’s own race and culture. 

a) Inferiority 

b) Superiority 

c) Equality 

d) inclusion

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(i) a) Inclusion and democracy

(ii) a) Constitution

(iii) b) Humanism

(iv) b) Superiority

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