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Read the given passage and answer the questions that follow the passage. 

We don’t have to do anything to be born into a community – in fact, no one has any choice about which family or community or country they are born into. These kinds of identities are called ‘ascriptive’ – that is, they are determined by the accidents of birth and do not involve any choice on the part of the individuals concerned. It is an odd fact of social life that people feel a deep sense of security and satisfaction in belonging to communities in which their membership is entirely accidental. We often identify so strongly with communities we have done nothing to ‘deserve’ – passed no exam, demonstrated no skill or competence… This is very unlike belonging to, say, a profession or team. Doctors or architects have to pass exams and demonstrate their competence.

i) Most ascriptive identities are accidental and ________________. 

a) Conditional 

b) Unconditional 

c) Achieved 

d) Temporary 

ii) Everyone has a motherland, a mother tongue, a family, a faith…This signifies another feature of community identity i.e. 

a) Achieved 

b) conditional 

c) universal 

d) localised 

iii) Our community provides us various identities through the process of

a) socialisation 

b) separation 

c) exclusion 

d) discrimination

iv) In times of community conflict, communities become _______________ of each other. 

a) Opposite images 

b) Mirror images 

c) Friends 

d) Kin

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i) b) Unconditional

ii) c) universal

iii) c) universal

iv) b) Mirror images

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