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Read the given passage and answer the questions that follow the passage.

How were labourers recruited? 

Tea industry began in India in 1851. Most of the tea gardens were situated in Assam. In 1903, the industry employed 4,79,000 permanent and 93,000 temporary employees. Since Assam was sparsely populated and the tea plantations were often located on uninhabited hillsides, bulk of the sorely needed labour had to be imported from other provinces. But to bring thousands of people every year from their far-off homes into strange lands, possessing an unhealthy climate and infected with strange fevers, required the provision of financial and other incentives, which the tea-planters of Assam were unwilling to offer. Instead, they had recourse to fraud and coercion; and they persuaded the government to aid and abet them in this unholy task by passing penal laws. …The recruitment of labourers for tea gardens of Assam was carried on for years mostly by contractors under the provisions of the Transport of Native Labourers Act (No. III) of 1863 of Bengal as amended in 1865, 1870 and 1873.

i) The planters were fully aware that the laws of a colonised country did not have to stick to the ______________ norms that the British back home had to follow in Britain. 

a) Democratic 

b) Autocratic 

c) Exclusionary 

d) Discriminatory

ii) The Tea industry is an example of how _________________ did not happen in India the way it did in Britain. 

a) De-industrialisation 

b) gentrification 

c) Industrialisation

d) Exlusion

iii) The government helped the planters by providing for _________in case of non-fulfilment of the contract by the labourers. 

a) Penal sanction 

b) Reward 

c) Appreciation 

d) Incentive

iv) The life of the planter and that of the labourers in the Tea industry are ______________. 

a) Equal 

b) Contrasting 

c) Similar 

d) Cooperative

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i) a) Democratic

ii) c) Industrialisation

iii) a) Penal sanction

iv) b) Contrasting

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