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Read the given passage and answer the questions that follow the passage. 

Urban luxury manufactures like the high-quality silks and cottons of Dacca or Murshidabad must have been hit first by the almost simultaneous collapse of indigeneous court demand and the external market on which these had largely depended. Village crafts in the interior, and particularly, in regions other than eastern India where British penetration was earliest and deepest, probably survived much longer, coming to be seriously affected only with the spread of railways.

(i) In India the impact of British industrialisation led to ________________ in some sectors. 

a) Progress 

b) De-industrialisation 

c) Urbanisation 

d) De-urbanisation

(ii) As a result of British penetration, village artisans abandoned their hereditary craft in favour of ________________. 

a) Agriculture 

b) Government service 

c) Education 

d) New crafts

(iii) Traditional exports of cotton and silk manufactures from India declined in the face of ___________competition. 

a) American 

b) Chinese 

c) Korean 

d) Manchester

(iv) During colonial rule in India, cities like ____________________declined. 

a) Mumbai and Kolkata 

b) Kolkata and Chennai 

c) Chennai and Surat 

d) Surat and Masulipatnam

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(i) b) De-industrialisation

(ii) a) Agriculture

(iii) d) Manchester

(iv) d) Surat and Masulipatnam

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