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Express the reasons for the regional pattern of low child sex ratio in India.

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  • The regional pattern of low child sex ratios in India, is that the lowest child sex ratios are found in the most prosperous regions of India. 
  • Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh, Delhi, Gujarat and Maharashtra are among the richest states in India in terms of per capita income, and they are the states with the lowest child sex ratio. 
  • So, the problem of selective abortion is not due to poverty or ignorance or lack of resources. 
  • For example, if practices like dowry mean that parents have to make large dowry payments to marry off their daughters, then prosperous parents would be the ones most able to afford this. 
  • Economically prosperous families decide to have fewer children and they may wish to choose the sex of their child.
  • This becomes possible by misusing pre-natal diagnostic technique.

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