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Consider a table SALESMAN with the following data:

A01Beena Mehta3000045.2329-10-2019
A02K. L. Sahay5000025.3413-03-2018
B03Nisha Thakkar3000035.0018-03-2017
B04Leela Yadav80000NULL31-12-2018
C05Gautam Gola20000NULL23-01-1989
C06Trapti Garg7000012.3715-06-1987
D07Neena Sharma5000027.8918-03-1999

Write SQL queries using SQL functions to perform the following operations:

(a) Display salesman name and bonus after rounding off to zero decimal places.

(b) Display the position of occurrence of the string “ta” in salesman names.

(c) Display the four characters from salesman name starting from second character.

(d) Display the month name for the date of join of salesman 

(e) Display the name of the weekday for the date of join of salesman

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