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A company in Mega Enterprises has 4 wings of buildings as shown in the diagram :

Center to center distances between various Buildings: 

W3 to W1 - 50m 

W1 to W2 - 60m 

W2 to W4 - 25m 

W4 to W3 - 170m 

W3 to W2 - 125m 

W1 to w4 - 90m

Number of computers in each of the wing: 

W1 - 150 

W2 - 15 

W3 - 15 

W4 - 25

Computers in each wing are networked but wings are not networked The company has now decided to connect the wings also.

i. Suggest a most suitable cable layout for the above connections. 

ii. Suggest the most appropriate topology of the connection between the wings. 

iii. The company wants internet accessibility in all the wings. Suggest a suitable technology. 

iv. Suggest the placement of the following devices with justification if the company wants minimized network traffic.

(a) Repeater 

(b) Hub / switch 

v. The company is planning to link its head office situated in New Delhi with the offices in hilly areas. Suggest a way to connect it economically.

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(i) Most suitable layout according to distance is :

(ii) Star Topology

(iii) Broadband.

(iv). (a) Not required. Repeaters may be skipped as per above layout (because distance is less than 100 m)

(b) In every wing

(v) Radio Waves

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