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i. Griffin’s brilliance as a man of science fades before his darker traits. Comment. 

ii. Why do you think Mr. Weiherer was pleased that Richard Ebright not only put in the nightly research hours towards butterflies, but also his other interests? 

iii. What mademe Forestier exclaim in astonishment, when she saw Matilda, years after the Minister’s ball?

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(i) - Brilliant scientist (give example)

- he was a lawless person, he was disliked by most people, was quick tempered, burnt the house of the landlord to take a revenge on him, stole money at priest’s house, (any other trait that reveals his darker side) 

- undoubtedly brilliant but his brilliance eclipsed by his negative traits. 

(ii) - Mr. Weiherer was pleased that Ebright balanced academics as well as recreational pursuits (hobbies etc.); 

- As a teacher, he wanted Ebright’s growth as a well-rounded personality. 

(iii) -The change in Matilda’s physical appearance (comparison from what she was at the time of the minister’s ball, to current)

Competency applied for : 


• Stating Minimum 2 points + justification/ explanation 

• Depicting Support of / reference to textual evidence 


• Applying logical progression, using appropriate linking devices (e.g. because/ besides, in order to, therefore etc.)- cohesion 

• Response relevance for overall sense according to the question attempted-coherence 

• Accuracy in use of grammatical structures, vocabulary and spellings 

NOTE- Writing in a paragraph recommended. Just listing of points shall result in deduction of marks allotted for cohesion & coherence.

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I. Griffin was a brilliant and eccentric scientist who was outstanding in science field. Though he had worked hard and invented new things, his bad habits/manner made his science career fade.

He was a lawless person. He set fire to the landlord's house, stole food items and clothes from the market, robbed the theatrical person and hit a person on his head. These all characters made people be frustrated against him.

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