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One summer evening ,Mr. Verma wore a starched cotton kurta for a party . He accidentally dropped water on his kurta. After returning home, he immediately folded and kept in the cupboard. After few months he was shocked to notice foul smell, patches and holes in this kurta.

(i) What precaution Mr. Verma should have taken while storing his kurta? 

a. Should be destarched and dried in air 

b. Should be starched and ironed 

c. Stored in damp place 

d. Should not wash 

(ii) There was foul smell from kurta because of-

a. Carpet Beetle 

b. Ants 


d. Moth 

(iii) Mr. Verma accidently put excessive blue while laundering his white cotton Kurta .Name the chemical which he can use to remove excessive blue from white cotton kurta-

a. Vinegar 

b. Oil 

c. Hydrogen peroxide 

d. Sodium hypochlorite 

(iv) If heavily starched cotton kurta is stored, it can be attacked by ___________ . 

a. Silver fish 

b. Mildew

c. Crickets 

d. Insects

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(i) a. Should be destarched and dried in air

(ii) c. Mildew

(iii) a. Vinegar

(iv) a. Silver fish

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