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Rani purchased loose mustard oil from a village fair. She used the oil the same night to fry pooris and used the left over oil for making bread pakoda next day.All family members got sick and felt uneasy.The doctor diagnosed the reason of their symptoms to adulterated mustard oil.

(i) What could be possible adulterant in the oil? 

a. Coconut oil 

b. Metanil yellow 

c. Vanaspati Ghee 

d. Argemone 

(ii) What could be harmful effect of consuming adulterated oil? 

a. Cancer 

b. Anemia 

c. Dropsy 

d. Mental 

(iii) Retardation Which standardized mark should be checked while purchasing oil? 


b. Agmark 


d. Eco mark 

(iv) Apart from checking standardized mark what other factor/s Rani should have considered while purchasing this oil? 

a. Packed and sealed product 

b. Low cost 

c. Attractive offers/discounts 

d. Persuasive Advertisement 

(v) Who is a consumer-

a. One who purchases goods but doesn’t use any services 

b. One who purchases goods and avails services 

c. One who avails services but doesn’t purchase products 

d. One who purchases all goods by himself/herself.

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(i) d. Argemone 

(ii) c. Dropsy 

(iii) b.Agmark 

(iv) a. Packed and sealed product 

(v) b. One who purchases goods and avails services

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