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You have stained your expensive silk scarf with ink. What four precautions you will adopt while removing it? Also tell four important points to be kept in mind while storing it.

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Four precautions to be adopted while removing the stain are-

1.Remove stain when fresh.

2.Effects of chemical should be tested on a hidden corner of the fabric.

3.Chemical should be applied from the back of the stained fabric. 

4.The stain removal should proceed from simple to complex process. 

5.The stain should be worked in a circular movement starting from outer edge to centre. 

6.All the reagents should be neutralized. 

Four important points to be kept in mind while storing silk scarf are-

1.Place should be dry and clean 

2.Put naphthalene balls 

3.Scarf should be aired and free from perspiration. 

4.Any hole/tear should be mended.

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