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a. Radha is a housewife and manages all household work herself. Suggest her four ways to reduce physiological fatigue. 

b. Arjun does not get appreciated for his hard work in his office. 

(i) What kind of fatigue he may be suffering from? 

(ii) What can be other four reasons for this type of fatigue?

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a. Four ways to reduce physiological fatigue-

1. Taking rest and relax in between continued physical work. 

2. Divide work in smaller units. 

3. Alternate between heavy and light activities. 

4. Use of labour saving devices 

5. Division of work amongst family member to reduce load. 

6. Any other(Any four) 

b. Arjun is not getting and appreciation for the hard work he is doing in his office because of- 

(i) Psychological Fatigue 

(ii)Other four reasons for this type of fatigue: 

1. Repetitive and boring work. 

2. Personal dislike of work.

3. Low incentives 

4. Unfamiliar work 

5. Unclear instructions 

6. Failure to satisfy demands

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