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Explain in brief about naval customs and traditions.

1. Coloors 

2. Sunset 

3. Dressing ship overall 

4. Piping the side 

5. Line ship ceremony 

6. Crossing the time

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1. Colours: The ceremony of hoisting the Naval Ensign and the National flag at the ensign and jack staff respectively 0800 hours on board ship in harbour is called colours. 

2. Sunset: The ceremony of hauling down the national flag and the naval ensign at the time of sunset is called sunset. 

3. Dressing Ship Overall: Ships are dressed overall on the days of national celebrations such as independence and republic day by hosting signaling flags and pennants from jack staff to the foremost to the mainmast into the ensign staff. 

4. Piping the Side: This is a mark of respect accorded to the President, Governors, Defense Minister, Flag officers, Commanding officers, and to all foreign Naval officers in uniform when they to ship. 

5. Launching Cceremony: After the construction of the hull on a ship is launched for the first time into the sea, it is customary to break a coconut on the bow of the ship.

6. Crossing the Line: This is an unofficial ceremony of initiating the new recruits into brotherhood of seas and as subjects of Lord Varuna’s oceanic majesty. This ceremony is conducted when crossed the equator.

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