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Read the text given below and answer the following questions. 

Manufacturing industries not only help in modernising agriculture, which forms the backbone of our economy, they also reduce the heavy dependence of people on agricultural income by providing them jobs in secondary and tertiary sectors. Industrial development is a precondition for eradication of unemployment and poverty from our country. This was the main philosophy behind public sector industries and joint sector ventures in India. It was also aimed at bringing down regional disparities by establishing industries in tribal and backward areas. Export of manufactured goods expands trade and commerce, and brings in much needed foreign exchange. Countries that transform their raw materials into a wide variety of finished goods of higher value are prosperous. India’s prosperity lies in increasing and diversifying its manufacturing industries as quickly as possible. Agriculture and industry are not exclusive of each other. They move hand in hand. For instance, the agro-industries in India have given a major boost to agriculture by raising its productivity.

(i) Manufacturing industries fall in _________ and agriculture in ___________ .

A. Primary, Secondary Sector 

B. Secondary, Tertiary Sector 

C. Primary, Tertiary Sector 

D. Secondary, Primary Sector

(ii) Manufacturing provides job opportunities to reduce dependence on agriculture. Identify which sector the following jobs belong to –

Jobs created or promoted by manufacturing industriesSector
a. Garment production1.Primary
b. Research & Development2.Tertiary
c. Banking3.Secondary
d. Mining4.Quaternary

Choose the correct option – 

A. a-1, b-2, c-3, d-4 

B. a-3, b-4, c-2, d-1 

C. a-2, b-3, c-1, d-2 

D. a-4, b-1, c-4, d-3

(iii) Which of the following options does not help in modernising agriculture? 

A. Manufacturing farm equipment 

B. Providing unskilled labour force 

C. Supplying fertilizers and pesticides 

D. Producing tube well pumps and sprinklers

(iv) In order to attract foreign manufacturing firms, a country needs to develop - 

A. Agrarian facilities 

B. Cultivable lands 

C. Media facilities 

D. Infrastructure facilities

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(i) D. Secondary, Primary Sector

(ii) B. a-3, b-4, c-2, d-1

(iii) B. Providing unskilled labour force

(iv) D. Infrastructure facilities

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