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(a) What is a Hypertext link? 

(b) Give the name and the syntax of the HTML Tag which is used for creating a Hypertext Link.

(c) Neha wants to display a 'Click Here' message on her webpage which, when clicked, opens a new webpage 'Chapter2.html'. Write the syntax of the HTML command she should use. 

(d) On the same webpage, Neha whose email is [email protected], wants to display a 'Contact us' message which when clicked open theemail program and allows the user to send a mail to Neha.Write the syntax of the HTML command she should use. 

(e) Explain the use of the target attribute in the Hypertext Link Tag.

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(a) Hyperlink allows us to link HTML elements (text and/or image) to another document or new section within the current document.

(b) Name : anchor tag, Syntax <a href="Link

Address">Hyperlink Text</a>

(c) <a href="Chapter2.html">Click Here</a>

(d) <a href="mailto:[email protected]">Contact us</a>

(e) Specifies where to open the linked document when the link is clicked

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