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Critically examine the consequences of disintegration of the Soviet Union.

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1) The disintegration of the Soviet Union meant the end of the Cold War because the Cold War was the culmination of the rivalries between the USA and the USSR. Thus, Cold War confrontations were put to an end. 

2) The dissolution of the Soviet Union led to a dramatic change and upheaval in the power relations which had implications for world politics. The disintegration left open the world space to be dominated by the sole superpower called the USA or to have the dominance of several powers. 

3) The Bretton Woods institutions like the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund became active players in the wake of developmental needs of the second world countries as they were borrowing money from the World Bank and IMF. ‘ 

4) The world saw the emergence of many new countries with their own independent aspirations. 

5) The Baltic states namely Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia joined the European Union and subsequently became members of the NATO. 

6) Undoubtedly the significant consequence of the withering away of the USSR was the inauguration of the period of US hegemony in which capitalism was pronounced as the winner because socialism had been dead.

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