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A body is vibrating 6000 times in one minute. If the velocity of sound in air is 360 m/s, find: 

(a) Frequency of vibration in hertz, 

(b) Wavelength of the wave produced. 

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1 Answer

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(a) Frequency of vibration in hertz 


Number of vibration in one minute = 6000 

Number of vibrations in one sec = 6000/ 60 =100Hz 

Therefore, Frequency, f = 100 Hz 

(b) Wavelength of the wave produced 


Velocity of speed in air, v = 360 ms–1 

Frequency, f = 100 Hz 

Wavelength, λ = ? v = f λ ⇒ λ= 360 ms−1/ 100s−1 = 3.6m 

The wavelength of the wave is 3.6 m

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