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(a) Give three medical uses of ultrasound. 

(b) A ship which is stationary is at a distance of 2800 m from the sea-bed. The Ship sends an ultrasound signal to the sea-bed and its echo is heard after 4 s. Find the speed of sound in water. 

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(a) Ultrasound can be used in: 

(i) Monitoring foetus during pregnancy. 

(ii) Medical imaging of internal organs to check their size, structure and physiological functioning in humans. 

(iii) Breaking kidney stones into smaller sizes to flush out in the urine. 

(b) Given, 

Distance, d = 2800 m 

Time, t = 40 sec 

Velocity, v =? 

Total distance travelled by sound = speed of sound × time 

So, 2d = v × t 

⇒ v = 2d / t 

⇒ v = 2 × 2800 / 4 

= 1400 m/sec

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