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Report the actual words of the speaker:

1. “I do not know who has taken my wallet,” said Mohan to his brother.

2. Jeevan said to his teacher, “ I cannot understand this lesson. Will you teach it to me again?”

3. Kumar said to me, “My bicycle looks better than yours.”

4. The teacher said to Sameer, “Have you completed your assignment?”

5. The teacher said to the girls, “Where do you want to go for a one-day trip?”

6. The boy said to his mother, “When will you buy me an ice-cream?”

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1. Mohan told his brother that he did not know who had taken his wallet.

2. Jeevan told his teacher that he could not understand that lesson and asked if she/he would ‘ teach that to him again.

3. Kumar told me that his bicycle looked better than his.

4. The teacher asked Sameer if/whether he had completed his homework.

5. The teacher asked the girls where they wanted to go for a one-day trip.

6. The boy asked his mother when she would buy him icecream.

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