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Write a letter to the Police Commissioner (Traffic) about the inadequate parking facilities in the commercial area of Nungambakkam, which is causing a lot of inconvenience to the people. You may also offer your suggestions to solve it. You are Rakesh/Radhika, No. 12, Nungambakkam, Chennai. 

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12 March, 20XX 


No. 12, Nungambakkam 


The Police Commissioner (Traffic) 



Sub: Inadequate parking facilities

I wish to draw your attention towards the lack of an essential civic amenity which causes trouble not only to the vehicle users but also to the general public. The inadequate parking facilities in the commercial street area of Nungambakkam has caused a sea of chaos, confusion and disorder. Most of the vehicles are parked on roads blocking the passages to and from the parking spaces. The problem gets worse during the evening hours. People are stranded as they can’t park their vehicles at places earmarked for parking. Nor can they move out easily towards the road from the parking spaces. I would like to offer some practical suggestions:

(i) Vehicles with even number should be allowed on even days, i.e., (Tuesday, Thursday F and Saturday) while those with odd ones be used on odd days (Monday, Wednesday, Friday). This will cut the number of vehicles by 50%.

(ii) The parking lots should be controlled by the police so that entry/exit is not blocked. I hope my suggestions will be implemented for public benefit.

Thank you, 

Yours faithfully 



The Police Commissioner (Traffic) 


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