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Your grandmother completed eighty years of her age on August 16, 2017. Celebrating her 80th birthday was an event for the family.

Describe the event in your words mentioning the following points:

– preparations for the occasion 

– people who gathered 

– honour given to the grandmother 

– her reactions to the occasion 

– her personality 

– smart, witty, etc. 

– your reactions

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Grandma Turns Eighty

 [Naren, XI A]

Sixteenth August was a grand occasion for our family. My grandmother had turned eighty that day. We organised a family get-together. Messages had been sent to all my uncles, aunts and cousins. The ancestral home was decorated with flowers. A puja was performed in the temple. Then the main function began in the sitting room. It was a very cheerful occasion. All my uncles, aunts and cousins gathered under one roof. She was seated in a high arm chair. My uncle honoured her with a beautiful shawl.

Then my parents presented her an almond coloured silk saree. Then came the turn of youngsters.

She appreciated all the gifts presented to her and blessed us. She is still smart, witty and energetic. Words of wit and wisdom dropped like honey from her lips. Dressed in her usual orange coloured dress, she appeared like a divine personality. Since I was the youngest member of the family, I received love and . affection from everyone. Sometimes I felt it was my birthday.

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