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During the summer vacation Magesh visited his grandfather living in his native village Perambalur – Peraiyur. It was a very pleasant yet unusual experience for him. Thinking you are Magesh, write about such experiences in 150-200 words.

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Native Village Revisited 

[by Magesh]

I had been to my native village five years ago and had very faint memories. But when I visited my grandfather during this summer vacation, all the earlier experiences were revived. What a contrast the village presented. Instead of bullocks, I saw tractors ploughing the fields. Electric motors were drawing water to irrigate fields which were full of tall and green maize plants. Many trees were planted on the boundaries of the farm.

However, the scene at the village pond remained more or less unchanged. I could still notice buffaloes lying in water, a boy riding one of them and rural women washing clothes there. What shocked me was that filthy water from drains was being carried to the pond. The old habits of villagers still persisted. Heaps of rubbish and dung were lying here and there. Stray dogs and pigs were wallowing in the dirt and mud. I beat a hasty retreat to my farmhouse as I could not stand the filth and nauseating smell.

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