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The floods in the State of Tamil Nadu, adversely affected the area causing destruction to life, property, cattle and crops. As a news correspondent, you visited this state. Write the details of this disaster in 150-200 words. Also give a suitable title to your write up.

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Devastation By Floods 

[XYZ, News Correspondent, The Express]

A visit to the flood-hit districts of the State of Tamil Nadu fills one with depressing thoughts. How can nature be so cruel? The cyclonic storm has proved a disaster for the state. Coastal areas have been hit hard. The villages and hamlets have been adversely affected. Thousands of acres of land having crops are still submerged in water. Millions of cattle have been washed away or perished in the flood waters. Thousands of the villagers have been rendered homeless. Hundreds of children and the aged have been swept off. Thus there has been an all round destruction of life, property, cattle and crops. Government agencies and voluntary groups have rushed to the help of the floodaffected victims. The situation is grim and calls for more concerted efforts.

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