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Shweta has to deliver a speech in the morning assembly on the topic: ‘

The Generation Gap is Destroying Family Life’. 

Write her speech in about 150-200 words.

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The Generation Gap Is Destroying Family Life 

Respected Chairman, honorable judges, members of the staff and my dear friends!

I stand before you to speak my mind on ‘The Generation Gap is Destroying Family Life’. There are many points to support this contention.

The generation gap has caused a chasm between the old and the young. There is a clash of ideas and ideals, tastes, way of thinking and life-style. The young hanker after luxury, comfort and material happiness. They believe in full enjoyment and complete freedom. The elders insist on moral and spiritual values. They advocate renunciation and control on desires. The children think that their parents are slave to customs.

The generation gap is evident in the behaviour and manners of the two classes. The elders believe in strict

obedience to a superior authority. They want that children must respect their elders and leam to be polite. The children pine for freedom. They resent all sorts of curbs. They demand freedom of expression. They want to have a say in family affairs. They insist that their views must be given proper consideration. This leads to bickerings, heartburning and . tension in the family.

The elders insist on discipline and strict compliance of their orders. They advocate smiling acceptance of punishment meted out for breach of discipline. The young insist on unrestrained freedom and frankness. They advocate freedom of self-expression and are unwilling to tolerate any interference in their personal affairs—career, loveaffair or marriage. Thus there is a wide gap between the two generations. This difference in their way of thinking and behavior is destroying family life.

Hence, I conclude that ‘The generation gap is destroying family life’.

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