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Project: Write a C program code for this project
Program for hazard games
*Game design*
creating a game.
*Project Description*:

1. The game should ask the number of participants, then generate a random number which is stored in memory. The program should ask player 1 to enter a number of his choice. Then subtract that number from the number that was randomly generated by the computer.
If the result of the operation is <0, player 1 loses. If the result is >= 0, the program should ask the next player to choose a number.
The same operation is now performed on the number entered by player 2 which is then subtracted from the remainder after the operation carried out by player 1 and if the result is <0, player 2 loses else, the program continues until we have a winner(last team player).

*Note* 1.The program should generate random numbers from 0 - 100 inclusive and the program is not supposed to display the result of the operation.
2. Each player has just one possible chance to play(i.e if player 1 loses, he is exiled from the team and the program restarts again with player 2 now being the first player to play.
3 But the remainder from the number randomly generated by the computer which was subtracted by player's 1 input choice is stored in memory for the next operation to commence)
4. NO IN-BUILT FUNCTION please. I have written my code with the sran function but that's not what am required to do. Please create a code that serves as a random function for this project
5. Time functions are allowed to use. 

Further Explanation of Project: It's like balls in a box. The random number generated by the computer is like balls in a box. Let's say the random number generated is 50. If player1 demands 10 balls, then we will be left with 40 balls. Meaning he wins since his value is greater than 0. Then player 2 comes and demands his own from the 40 balls remaining. If player two demands lets say 60, then he loses because 40-60 will give a negative number. So player 2 will be disqualified and player 3 will demand from the 40 and so on

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