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write flowchart and chemical reaction involved in process of metallurgy

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Metallurgy process involves some common steps.

  1. Crushing and grinding of a suitable metallic compound
  2. Concentration of the metallic compound
  3. Extraction of metal from the metallic compound
  4. Refining of the crude metal

 Flow Chart Showing various steps involved in Metallurgical process:

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Chemical reactions Khan h
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Physical processes involved in metallurgy doesn't require any chemical reaction.

Some common chemical reactions involved in process of metallurgy are:

1. In roasting:

Ores when heated in excess of air.

2ZnS + 3O2 → 2ZnO + 2SO2

2CuS + 3O2 → 2PbO + 2SO2

2. Calcination:

Ores when heated in limited supply of air.

ZnCO3 → ZnO + CO2

CuCO3 → CuO + CO2

3. Reduction through electrolysis:

Al2O3 ⇔ 2Al+3 + 3O2-

At Cathode: 2Al+3 + 6e- → 2Al

At Anode : 3O2- - 6e- → 3[O] → 3O2 (gas) 

4. Reduction by reducing agents:

ZnO + C → Zn + CO

Fe2O3 + 3CO → 2Fe + 3CO2

2PbO + C → 2Pb + CO2

CuO + CO → Cu + CO2

5. Reduction through thermal decomposition

2HgO → 2Hg + O2

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