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The answer is given as option 3.
Please explain the solution.

This is the way I tried:

For C1:
1MSD=0.1cm, 1VSD=0.09cm, LC=0.1-0.09=0.01cm.

For C2:
1MSD=0.1cm, 1VSD=0.11cm, LC=0.1-0.11=-0.01cm.

Please tell where am I wrong

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= main scale reading upto coinciding main scale division − n × VSD 

= 3.5−7×0.09 = 3.5 – 0.63 = 2.87 cm 

For second vernier caliper, 10 VSD = 11 MSD 

 VSD =11/10​ MSD = 1.1×0.1 = 0.11 cm 
Reading =3.6−7×0.11  = 3.6 – 0.77 = 2.83 cm

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Until now, I have read that the formula for Final Reading  of a vernier caliper is 'Main Scale Reading+(Least Count)(Vernier Scale Matching Division)'. I've never heard about this formula 'Reading  = main scale reading upto coinciding main scale division − n × VSD'. Could you pease explain this formula.

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