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Two elements x and y have atomic numbers 36 and 58 respectively. On the basis of electronic configuration, predict the following:

(i) The group, period and block to which each element belongs.

(ii) Are they representative elements?

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The electronic configuration of elements x and y are:

x (At. no. 36) = 1s2 , 2s22p6 , 3s23p63d10 , 4s24p6.

y (At. no. 58) = 1s2 , 2s22p6,3s23p6 , 3d10 , 4s24p6 , 5s24105p6 , 6s25d14f1 .

(i) The element x belongs to 18th group, lies in the 4th period and belongs to p-block of elements. The element y belongs to lanthanoids, lies in the 6th period and belongs to f-block of elements.

(ii) The element x is a noble gas (Kr] and y is [Ce] is inner transition element. They are not representative elements.

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