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Explain in detail about the data types in C

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Data types in C Language

Data types specify how we enter data into our programs and what type of data we enter. C language has some predefined set of data types to handle various kinds of data that we can use in our program. These datatypes have different storage capacities.  

C language supports 2 different type of data types:  

1. Primary data types: 

These are fundamental data types in C namely integer(int), floating point(float), character(char) and void.  

2. Derived data types: 

Derived data types are nothing but primary datatypes but a little twisted or grouped together like array, stucture, union and pointer. These are discussed in details later.  

Data type determines the type of data a variable will hold. If a variable x is declared as int. it means x can hold only integer values. Every variable which is used in the program must be declared as what data-type it is.

Data TypesBytesRange
signed char1-128 to 127
unsigned char10 to 255
float41.2E-38 to 3.4E+38
double82.3E-308 to 1.7E+308

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