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The British government restricted the import of corn. The laws allowing the government to do this were commonly known as the ‘Corn Laws’. Unhappy with high food prices, industrialists and urban dwellers forced the abolition of the Corn Laws.

The laws passed by the British Parliament in the 19th century to restrict and control the movement of food items were known as 'Corn Laws'.Under the pressure of the landed groups,the British Parliament restricted the imports of corn so that the agricultural class and it's interests might be protected.Import of cheap corns into England would have ruined the cultivators.

The Corn Laws had far-reaching effects:

1.Food items became cheaper than it could be produced within the country.

2.British agriculture was unable to compare with foreign imports and as a result,

the agriculture class was hardly hit and ruined.

3.As a result,vast areas of land were left uncultivated and thousands of men and women were thrown out of work.

4.Such people flocked to cities or migrated to other countries.

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