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The teacher explained crystal defects in classroom.

1. What are the different types of crystal defects? 

2. Explain with the help of diagram the important difference between Schottky and Frenkel defects?

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1. Stoichiometric defects and Non-Stoichiometric defects.


Schottky defect Frenkel defect
1. Vacancy defect which arises due to the messing of equal number of cations and anions from the lattice sites. Interstitial defect or dislocation defect which arises when the smaller ion, usually cation is dislocated from its normal site to an interstitial site.
2. Observed in ionic substances. Observed in ionic sub-
3. Cation and anion in are of almost similar sizes. there is a large difference size of ions
4. The density of the crystal is lowered. It does not affect the density of the crystal.

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