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In a Chemistry class, teacher asked to write the rate expressions for the reaction,

NO2 + CO → NO + CO2-

Student 1 wrote : Rate ∝ [NO1/2 ] [CO]

Student 2 wrote : Rate ∝ [NO1/2][NO1/2]

1. Which is correct ?

2. Justify your answer.

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1. Student 2 is correct.

2. In fact the reaction takes place in 2 steps. They are,

According to the law of chemical kinetics, the rate of a reaction is determined by the slowest step. Here step 1 is the slowest step i.e., rate determining step. By the law of mass action, rate of a chemical reaction is directly proportional to the product of molar concentration of the reactants. rate = k[NO2][NO2]= k[NO2]2

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