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What are the applications of adsorption in chemical analysis?

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(1) In the preparation of gas masks using activated charcoal to avoid poisonous gases like CO, CH4 etc.     

(2) Froth floatation method used for concentration of sulphide ores is based on adsorption. 

(3) Silica gel can be used to remove moisture and to control humidity.     

(4) Ion exchange method used to soften water is based on adsorption.     

(5) Adsorption chromatography is used to purify and separate pigments, harmones etc.     

(6) Charcoal powder can remove coloured impurities from sugar.     

(7) Charcoal is used for making high vacuum.     

(8) The cleaning action of soaps and detergents.     

(9) Formation of stable emulsions in cosmetics and syrups etc.     

(10) In heterogeneous catalysis.

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