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Notice these expressions in the text. Infer their meaning from the context. 

 blow-by-blow account  

 de facto  

 morale booster  


 relegated to  

 doctored accounts  

 political acumen  

 gave vent to

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blow-by-blow account : detailed account. In the text “The Adventure” this expression occurs in the context of Gangadharpant trying to understand the outcome of the Battle of Panipat by reading a book on the topic.

de facto : existing in fact whether with lawful authority or not. In the text 'Adventure' the Peshwas are regarded as de facto rulers as they kept the Mughal regime alive in Delhi.

morale booster : anything that serves to increase morale or confidence. The expression occurs in the text 'Adventure' where it is told that the Marathas emerged victorious in the Battle of Panipat which increased their morale or confidence in establishing their supremacy all over the country.

astute : marked by practical hardheaded intelligence. In the text “The Adventure” this word  is used to convey that the Peshwas were very intelligent to recognise the importance of technological age dawning in Europe.  

Relegated to : assigned to a lower rank or position. In the text it is said how Dadasaheb, a maratha Chieftain was assigned to a lower rank after the Battle of Panipat. 

doctored accounts : manipulation of accounts. This expression conveys that the Bakhars were not providing historical facts but manipulated account of history.

political acumen : political shrewedness with keen insight. In the text 'The Adventure' the expression is used to convey how Madhavrao and Vishwasrao because of their shrewedness could expand their influence all over India.  

give vent to : to express one's feelings and ideas. Professor Gaitonde expressed his ideas in the public lecture on the Battle of Panipat.

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