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Analyse the recent trends in the sectoral distribution of the workforce in India.

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The three major sectors of an economy i.e. Primary, Secondary and Tertiary collectively are known as occupational structure of an economy. The primary sector is the main source of employment for majority of workers in India. Secondary sector provides employment to only about 24 per cent of workforce. About 27 per cent of workers in the service sector and about 67 percent of the workforce in rural India depends on agriculture, forestry and fishing. About 16 per cent of rural workers are working in manufacturing, construction and other industrial activities. In addition, the tertiary sector is taking a lead over the secondary sector as a source of employment and increasing share in India's GDP. As far as the distribution of male and female is considered, a high percentage of total female workforces are engaged in the primary sector than in the secondary and tertiary sectors. About 17 per cent of rural people are employed in service sector and about 60 per cent of urban workers are in service sector. The secondary sector gives employment to 30 per cent of urban work force. Though both men and women workers are concentrated in the primary sector, women workers concentration is very high there. About 63 per cent of the female workforce is employed in the primary sector whereas less than half of males work in that sector. Men get opportunity both in secondary and service sector.

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