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Compare and contrast the development of India, China, and Pakistan with respect to some salient human development indicators.

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The following are the indicators of human development:  

(i)     Life Expectancy  

(ii)    Adult Literacy Rate  

(iii)   Infant Mortality Rate  

(iv)   Percentage of the population below poverty line  

(v)    GDP per capita  

(vi)    Percentage of the population having access to improved sanitation  

(vii)   Percentage of the population having access to improved water sources.  

On the basis of individual indices of these parameters, a Human Development Index (HDI) was constructed. The higher the value of HDI, higher will be the level of growth and development of a country. The rankings are accorded to the countries as per their HDI. China ranked 81, India 128th and Pakistan 136th. High ranking of China is due to the higher GDP per capita. Moreover, the one-child norm led to sustained rise in the GDP, consequently, China was ranked higher than India and Pakistan in HDI.

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