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Mr. Raghav had always wanted to manufacture an innovative, energy efficient fan. He was looking into various options and has finally narrowed it down to one option. He understands that the entire idea would have to follow a process. Identify and explain the process.

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The process is idea and opportunity assessment. 

(i)Product identification: An idea should lead the entrepreneur to a definite product/service which he can sell. So the first step is to obtain a concept of the product or service suggested by one idea. We should also see whether this product is already available in the market or not. If it is, then we should identify the reason for introducing the same product or service in the market. For example, innovating a new pen drive especially for teachers which will have a built in antivirus and which can be worn like a watch so it minimises the problem of losing the pen drive. 

(ii)Application and use: Ideas should be examined for their real life use and application. If it already exists in the market we will have to find out its present use, then we may think of modifying it for better use. In the above mentioned example, we can clearly see that even though there are lot of companies manufacturing pen drives, the latest will be in consonance with the upcoming trends.

(iii)Level of operation: This is a crucial test for product/service identification. Depending on the use of the product/ service the entrepreneur will produce it in a cottage industry or a small scale industry or a large scale industry. 

(iv)Cost: What is the per unit cost of the product at particular level of operation? Whether this cost is comparable with that of other competitive products? These are some of the questions that have to be answered. This will ultimately decide the sale price. 

(v)Competition: Any product or service will face market competition at some stage. So market competition should be assessed through a study of the trends in demand and supply. 

(vi)Technical complexity: What type of technology is required to produce the product? Whether training and application of such technology will be locally available or will it have to be supported from other places? What would be the position of supply of plant and machinery for such a technology? These are important issues that have to be resolved. 

(vii)Annual turnover and profit margin: Ideas should also have to be examined on the basis of expected annual turnover. This will also indicate the market share of the product or service. Once the entrepreneur has assessed the opportunities on these basis he should go ahead and assess the market also.

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