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Some information related to the elements of the p block in the 17th group of the periodic table are given in the table below.

Complete the table and analyze the following questions?

a. What is the family names of elements belonging to the 17 group?

b. What is their common valency?

c. Which element has the highest electro negativity ?

d. Which element has the highest ionization energy?

e. List out the name and chemical formula of the compounds formed by these elements with block elements?

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  Symbol  State  Chemical reactivity with hydrogen  Common oxidation state  Chemical formula of hydrides
 Fluorine  F Gases Vigourous reaction  -I   HF
 Chlorine  Cl Gases Vigourous reaction  -I   HCl
  Bromine  Br Liquid  Slow reaction  -I   HBr
  Iodine  I Solid  Very slow reaction  - I   HI

a. Halogen

b. 1

c. F

d. F


  • sodium chloride – NaCl 
  • potassium chloride – KCl 
  • magnesium chloride- MgCl2
  • calcium chloride- CaCl2
  • magnesium fluoride- MgF2 
  • calcium fluoride – Ca F2 
  • sodium iodide – Nal 
  • potassium iodide – KI 
  • potassium bromide – KBr 
  • potassium fluoride – KF

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