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Shalu soaked a few seeds of Bengal gram (chana) and kept them overnight. Then she drained the excess water and covered the seeds with a wet cloth and left them for a day.(She made sure that the seeds do not become dry.) Then she cut open the seeds carefully. What she observed is somewhat like the picture shown above. Based on this picture, answer the following questions:

1. The picture shows:

(i) germination

(ii) fertilisation

(iii) digestion

(iv) transpiration

2. The part of a seed which grows and develops into root on germination is :

(i) cotyledon

(ii) plumule

(iii) follicle

(iv) radicle

3. After fertilisation, the ovule develops a tough coat and is gradually converted into a ______.

(i) seed

(ii) fruit

(iii) leaf

4. After fertilisation, the ovary grows rapidly and ripens to form a

(i) seed

(ii) fruit

(iii) leaf

5. Is seed-formation advantageous for a plant ?

(i) YES

(ii) NO

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1. (i) germination

2. (iv) radicle

3. (i) seed

4. (ii) fruit

5. (i) YES

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