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State whether the following statements are True or False with reasons.

Urban society is characterized by Informal social control and Primary relations.

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This statement is False.

  • Urban society is characterized by formal social control and secondary relations.
  • In urban areas, interaction among people is largely based on anonymity and secondary contact. 
  • It is not personal nor face-to-face; rather cities are characterized by formal interactions and impersonal relationships that tend to become time-bound and based on vested interests. 
  • Cultural diversity, formal communication, friends’ circle are hallmarks of cities. For instance, people spend their leisure time at multiplexes, gardens, hotels, social clubs, and markets. Formal means of social control such as formal education, law, and legislation, police, and court are needed, in addition to informal means for regulating the behaviour of people. 
  • The traditional authority vested in figures such as family elders, religious leaders, and teachers has decreased greatly.

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