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State whether the following statements are True or False with reasons.

A majority of tribal people live below the poverty line.

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This statement is True. 

A majority of tribal people live below the poverty line. The tribes practice simple occupations based on primitive technology. Most of the occupations fall into the primary categories such as hunting, gathering, and agriculture. There is no profit nor surplus making in such an economy.

Hence their per capita income is very low, far less compared to the national average. Most of them live in abject poverty and are steeped in debt. Local moneylenders and zamindars, take advantage of this situation and exploit the tribals. In order to repay the debts, they often have to mortgage or sell their land.

Though Bonded labour is banned by Indian Law, it still prevails in some tribal areas. Bonded labour is considered to be a serious problem, which started due to rampant poverty and lack of stable income among the tribals. In fact, land alienation, indebtedness, bonded labour, and poverty are problems that exist hand-in-hand.

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