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Discuss Chair Sit and Reach Test.

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Daily Benifit : Lower body flexibility is important for preventing lower back pain. It also plays a role in your balance, posture, in fall prevention, and in your gait, or walking. Lower body flexibility is important for maintaining an active, independent lifestyle. 

Purpose : This test measures lower body flexibility. 

Equipment required :- Ruler, straight back or folding chair, (about 17 inches / 44 cm high)

Procedure :
# The subject sit on the edge a chair (placed against a wall for safety).
# One foot must remain flat on the floor. The other leg is extended forward with the knee straight, heel on the floor, and ankle bent at 90^0. 

# Place one hand on top of the other with tips of the middle fingers even. Instruct the subject to Inhale, and then as they exhale, reach forward toward the toes by bending at the hip. 

# Keep the back straight and head up. Avoid bouncing or quick movements, and never stretch to the point of pain. Keep the knee straight, and hold the reach for 2 seconds. 

# The distance is measured between the tip of the fingertips and the toes. 

# If the fingertips touch the toes then the score is zero. If they do not touch, measure the distance between the fingers and the toes (a negative score). If they overlap. measure by how much (a positive score). 

# Perform two trials 

Scoring : The score is recorded to the nearest 1/2 inch or 1 cm as the distance reached, either a negative or positive score.

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