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Write short note on-

Industrial waste

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  • Industrial waste is the waste produced by industrial processes or activities. 
  • There is a huge variety of industries producing different types of materials and articles. All of these use raw materials and give out a lot of waste. 
  • There are hundreds of mines which extract copper, silver, gold, iron, coal etc. Huge quantities of waste are produced while processing them. 
  • Cement industries give out solid, liquid and gaseous wastes. 
  • While refining crude oil, a lot of poisonous gaseous and liquid wastes are produced. 
  • Construction units produce huge quantities of waste stones, pebbles, broken bricks, wood waste etc. Mostly they are dumped in landfills. 
  • It also includes chemicals, pigments, sludge, ash, metal, etc. given out from mining, textile, construction, chemical industries.

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