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Describe briefly the biological importance of calcium and magnesium

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Biological Importance of Magnesium

  • Activity of enzymes: Mg plays a crucial role in the biochemical reactions occurring in our body. The main role of this ion in the body is to regulate the functions of enzymes which in turn are responsible for various chemical reactions. Magnesium as an enzyme co-factor plays an important role in the breakage of glucose and fat molecules, in the production of enzymes, proteins and regulation of cholesterol.
  • Acts as fuel source: It plays an important role in the production of energy within the cells. Without the sufficient supply of this ion nutrients cannot be converted into usable energy or ATP (adenosine triphosphate) which is the fundamental unit of energy in human body. Production of ATP is significant to perform various actions such as cell reproduction, protein synthesis etc.
  • Protector of human DNA: DNA synthesis is not possible without the sufficient supply of this ion. It is responsible for the stability and proper functioning of DNA
  • To maintain an electrolyte balance: It is one of the most important mineral in order to maintain a healthy electrolytic balance in our body. Deficiency of this ion leads to the improper functioning of sodium-potassium pump.

Biological Importance of Calcium

  • Calcium is mainly found in the bones and teeth of the living beings.
  • Blood is a large tank of this mineral.
  • It helps in blood clotting. Deficiency of calcium increases the blood clotting time.
  • Calcium supports muscle contraction.
  • The deficiency of this metal leads to disorder of nerves.
  • It plays a significant role in the metabolism of nitrogen in plants. Absence of this mineral in the plants affects the size and number of chloroplasts.

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