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A manufacturing company makes two types of teaching aids A and B of Mathematics fro class XII. Each type of A requires 9 labour hours of fabricating and 1 labour hour for finishing. Each type of B requires 12 labour hours for fabricating and 3 labour hours fro finishing. For fabricating and finishing the maximum labour hours available per week ate 180 and 30, respectively. The company makes a profit of Rs. 80 on each piece of type A and Rs.120 on each piece of type B. How many pieces of type A and type B should be manufactured per week to get a maximum profit ? Make it as an LPP and solve graphically. What is the maximum profit per week ?

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Let the number of pieces of two types of teaching aids A and B be x and y, respectively, We can write the given data in tabular form as follows:

The profit on type A is Rs. 80 and type B is Rs.120. Thus, the required LPP is

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