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(a) Draw the diagram of a right angled isosceles prism which is used to make an inverted Image erect.


The diagram above shows a wire stretched over a sonometer. Stems of two vibrating tuning forks A and B are touched to the wooden box of the sonometer. It is observed that the paper rider (a small piece of paper folded at the centre) present on the wire flies off when the stem of vibrating tuning fork B is touched to the wooden box. 

(i) Name the phenomenon when the paper rider just vibrates. 

(ii) Name the phenomenon when the paper rider flies off. 

(iii) Why does the paper rider fly off when the stem of tuning fork B is touched to the box?

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(a) Diagram is shown in figure for inverted erect image by Right angle isosceles prism.

(b) (i) When paper just vibrate on the wire of sonometer then phenomenon is called 1st overtone or 2nd harmonics.

(ii) When paper flies off, then we have fundamental mode or first harmonics.

(iii) Paper files off by Tuning Fork B, because it produce fundamental mode or first harmonics in wire.

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